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Betty Ann, Living With LEMS
Rich, Living With LEMS

Real Patient Stories

Learn more about LEMS from those living it every day

LEMS Detective

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Rich’s story

Watch as Rich discusses his experiences living with LEMS and how his symptoms affected his job as a police dispatcher. Learn how his LEMS diagnosis helped uncover a hidden cancer tumor, ultimately saving his life.

LEMS at 81

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Betty Ann’s Story

Meet Betty Ann, a former dancer who was sidelined by the mysterious symptoms of LEMS in her 60s. Listen as she describes her long diagnostic journey and how—through the power of her own research, self-advocacy, and persistence—she found the diagnosis that got her back on her feet again.


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Jamie’s Story

Jamie talks about the importance of having a positive approach when it comes to living with LEMS. She admits that LEMS was “really hard in the beginning,” but can now see a future where she can be more independent.

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